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What is authentic style?


Authentic style comes from aligning your style with your authentic self - your personality and values. This is when your style becomes deeply meaningful to you.


Why authentic style?

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In celebrity driven cultures, we often look to celebrities for inspiration. When we do this, we pay less attention to our internal values. We are less aware about presenting ourselves in a way that reflects our core personality and values. We can do better.


How can I help you?

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"My intention is to help men and women of all ages build an authentic style which reflects their authentic selves.

Using colour and body analysis, I help my clients understand what colours complement their complexion and what silhouettes complement their body shape. This information comes in the form of a report which makes selecting clothing and accessories no longer ambiguous.

With this report and and spending time with my clients to understand their core personality and values (what makes them shine), I take them on bespoke shopping adventures around London to build a style and wardrobe that is authentic to them."

Tuck Muntarbhorn

Tuck Muntarbhorn at Frieze Art Fair, London

Tuck Muntarbhorn at Frieze Art Fair, London



Features in Vogue, Bangkok Post, Collezioni Haute Couture, Elle, Glamour, Los Angeles Times, L’Officiel, L’Officiel Art, L’Officiel 1000 Modèles Haute Couture, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, Numéro, Purple, TED, Tatler and WWD.

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The wonderful benefits of having me as your authentic style consultant.



Understanding You

I listen. I love to hear to your stories and understand who you are. By understanding your personality, values and goals, I can help you build an authentic style that brings out the best in yourself.





Meaningful Progress

Our goal is for you to love the way you look and feel and to create positive shifts in your life by doing so. Our partnership will provide the support, empowerment and drive to help you achieve your goals. Each session or adventure is bespoke; tailored to your needs and structured so that you progress towards discovering your authentic style.


Complete Trust

Everything we share is confidential, without judgment or attitude. I ensure that you will feel at ease and comfortable in each of our sessions or adventures as I help you reach your goals. I am here only to be truly helpful.


Crucial Knowledge

Through colour and body analysis, I produce a report for you which outlines which colours best suit your complexion and how to best dress your body shape. With this information, shopping is no longer ambiguous.


Personal Experience

I’ll guide you with my personal experiences that has helped me curate a wardrobe that reflects my authentic personality and values, filled with garments from designers who I love and continue to inspire me. My experience as the co-founder of Busardi means I am able to provide an industry perspective to help you.


Bespoke Adventures

On your bespoke shopping adventures I can take you to department stores, boutiques and fashion designer studios to place personal orders with designers directly. As the co-founder of Busardi, I have worked with highly skilled hair stylists and make-up artists who can help us create your authentic style. Style Consulting services take place in London, UK.

Get in touch.

Style Consulting packages in London with Tuck Muntarbhorn start from GBP 1500. To get in touch, please fill out the form below, thank you.

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